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TPA/MPN Memberships

TPA Affiliations:
Direct DME Interplan Corporation Integrated Health MEDICARE MSC
PMSI Progressive Tech Health Total Managed Care  

MPN Affiliations:
AIG CorCare II Ford Motor Company Octagon Risk Services St.Paul Travelers
Albertsons Corvel Corporation Frank Gates Pinnacle Risk Management State Farm
Allstate Insurance County of Los Angeles Fresno Unified School District Ralph's Tokio Marine
Broadspire County of Riverside GAB Robbins Royal & Sun Alliance TriStar Risk
C N A County of San Bernardino Gallagher Bassett SCIF Tyson Foods
Cambridge County of San Juan Gallagher Bassett SCRMA U.S. Dept of Labor
Chevron Coventry Keenan & Assoc Sedgwick CMS United Airlines
City of Riverside Crawford & Co Liberty Mutual Sentry Ins U.S. Postal Service
City of San Bernardino ESIS LWP Claims Seven Up-7up Wal-Mart
Coca-Coca Bottling Co Farmers Insurance Matrix Absence Mgmt Smith's Walt Disney World Co
Concentra Fireman's Fund Macy’s Specialty Risk Services Wausau
Contract Claims First Health McDonald's St. Paul Fire & Marine Zenith Insurance